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    * For Hire - EU Based

    Hey guys,

    I'm Bret Weber, I've been working around servers and in the hosting industry for just under 4 years now and it's something I can see myself doing long-term should the opportunity arise. I've worked in various sectors over the past few years, such as game hosting, web hosting, voice hosting, shoutcast streams and domain names. I've also had the pleasure of working with a dedicated server company for the past 6 months where I've undertaken sales / marketing work aswell as a small amount of support work (limited due to working from home without access to the datacenter). My preferred Linux distribution is Debian or Ubuntu Server, but I can also work with CentOS/Fedora if told and given a few days to brush up on a few things. My preferred control panels in each sector are cPanel/DirectAdmin, SwiftPanel and Cast Control as I've had experience installing and configuring these control panels myself.

    I'm willing to learn new things, heck - I want to learn new things. The whole VPS/VDS thing is relatively unknown to me. I've had experience client side with HyperVM/VEPortal and Virtuozzo power panel so I know how those panels work from a client's view, but I've never had the pleasure of working with an admin panel (other than VirtualBox on my own PC while testing other distrobutions!).

    When it comes to Game Server hosting, this is where my specialty lays. I've had 2 years experience running a multitude of games over various control panels and I feel I can support most panels on the market. When it comes to running servers, I don't just slap a panel on and leave it at that. I can modify the kernels / load an alternative kernel to help improve stability / performance, I can also help tweak various settings to get the best performance out of the dedicated server as well as getting the best performance out of the game server itself (which I guess is all the client's worried about )

    Just to re-cap on my skills:
    -I've worked with many control panels, billing systems and support suites, including:
    • SwiftPanel
    • GameCP
    • TCAdmin
    • SCInterface
    • cPanel / WHM
    • DirectAdmin
    • LXAdmin
    • WHMCS
    • ClientExec
    • ModernBill/Plesk Billing
    • phpCoin
    • Livezilla
    • Kayako Support Suite

    What am I after from you?

    I'm looking for a stable placement within your company! A wage is negotiable but I'd rather not be on commission as I've been screwed over so many times. So a weekly / monthly wage would be the best option for me

    If you'd like to know more about me or what I can do, don't hesitate to PM me or email me (bretweber{@}
    References are available on request as is my Curriculum Vitae.

    Thanks for your time and interest,
    Bret Weber.
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    One thing I thought of after I was able to edit my post,

    If you're in need of an EU based support / sales member, I'm your guy. If you're looking for someone to bring your US company to a state of 24/7 support. I can be online from 8AM BST/GMT which at latest would be 3AM in the US. Then working through until your US staff members are online. The possibilities are there, you just have to realise them
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    Most companies will not hire if you are currently working for another company such as dediShack.

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    I may be interested. Add my:
    msn:[email protected]
    email:[email protected]

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