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    htaccess rewrite with GET reqs.

    Hello, how do I configure my .htaccess rewrite rules to accomodate GET requests?
    Currently, /manager/page goes to: ?dept=manager&n=page however, some pages have additional GET reqs, and so this rule doesn't work:

    RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z]+)/([A-Za-z]+)$ index.php?dept=$1&n=$2 [QSA]
    I require: ?dept=manager&n=page&id&etc=etc to go to: /manager/page/id/5/etc/6 however, not all pages present the same method of id input, IE. some pages used id, others catid, and others, bugid, so it's a bit difficult.

    I am however, trying to change all of these GETs to id to make things easier.
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    I don't know if you can (or should) use Mod_rewrite to do this. I would just write a PHP script to take those variables in, then issue a

    header("Location: /path/to/new/location");

    It'd also be wise to use preg_replace to strip out all non alphanumeric characters out of each of the GET parameters (to help prevent improper routing)

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