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  1. Feed back on site.

    I'm looking for some critiques on how we can improve our web hosting site.

    The idea, was to keep it simple, to aim for the niche market of beginners who would feel lost when confronted by to much technical info in their faces, an attempt to make everything as simple as possible from the navigation to layout, eg: not having to delve into to many navigation depths.

    Our background is IT, web hosting & design for local business in our local area. This under a different brand thats has being operating for many years, no internet sign-ups, all face to face.

    Attempting to add our services to internet signups is a new venture, I would say that though the site and design has being up for a few months, actual online marketing and SEO has being this last 5 weeks or so and along with the design is an ongoing development

    I'm posting this thread for feedback from more experienced online operators, to get help and advice on direction to make it more attractive, my own thoughts I need to streamline some places, add more call to action buttons and maybe go slightly technical (even though that was not on the design plan)

    I have found, we have had quite a few people who click on links and visit us, and also had quite a few purchases, actual conversion percentages are low, now I don't know if this is typical of on-line hosting business or not, where you have lots of people browsing before choosing where to purchase.

    Many Thanks for any pointers
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    It looks fine but I usually prefer webhosting sites that features a section which shows images of their server. IMHO, a webhost will look more reliable if they could show that. Also don't forget your "About Us" section because it will somehow enhance your reputation.

    I also prefer a webhost that has a chat support.

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    It looks nice, but I dont agree with you where you said about "beginners who would feel lost when confronted by to much technical info in their faces".

    You have a big blue box with 'SMTP/POP3 Email' / 'R1soft Back-ups' / 'MySQL' ect. writtin in it. They are not going to know what the hell you are going on about.

    I got my aunti to look at it quickly when she came round as she's not computer/internet savy and her face just went blank when i told what these things are.

    Prehaps change the wording for them if you are looking for begginers to sign up.
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    don't really like the green color, to bright

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    it simple and nice....

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    Instead of green color, better change to some other attractive one. All the best.

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