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    * Call for Beta Tester and Translaters for MFH v1.3 with One Free Copy Award!

    Hello everyone,

    After a long and serious development, MFH v1.3 is now coming into the Beta testing phase. This version introduces lots of new features(see below) which need a through testing before releasing the full version. So we are looking for some serious Beta testers and language translaters to work with new version. Finally, these serious testers and translaters will be awarded a free copy of MFHS v1.3.

    Demo site
    Here is the beta demo on our site: demo/demo

    Downloaded Beta Version
    This beta version is encoded by ioncube and doesn't require a keycode to install. But the script will stop working in 2 months.

    Dowload here:

    Current language packages:
    Get issues during translating and testing?

    Contact us at Free Trial Support forum

    New features list:[View screenshots here]

    Hightlight new features
    AJAX driven admin panel
    Advanced Template Editor
    Store uploaded files in subdirectory
    Auto-create thumbnails for image files on upload

    Redesigned Admin panel
    1. Almost all features are
    driven by AJAX. This greatly improves user expriences and response time of page request.
    2. Improve advanced search functions
    Captha image authentication after 3 failed login attempts.
    4. SMTP emailing support
    5. Set database backup directory
    6. Rename and protect /admin directory
    7. Configurable admin menus.

    Hook & Plugin system
    This allow 3rd party developers to create useful plugin for MFHS script.

    Template Editor
    1. Search & replace text in template
    2. Download template files from admin panel
    3. Create new template files
    4. Support plugins used in template files. Two demo plugins are distriubuted with script.

    Server management
    1. Can disable server for download
    2. Import files from directory to servers
    3. Option for storing uploaded files in subdirectory.

    1. Add & edit own crontab script
    2. Sending emails to expired users
    3. Daily database backup
    4. Execute cronjob instantly

    1. Ability to add files to folders on download page.
    2. Wait time based on filesize - a demo plugin provided by us.
    3. Autoconvert non-english chars to the corresponding english chars.
    4. Choose multiple captcha show images - another demo plugin by us.
    5. Show thumbnails on download page.

    1. Ability to store uploaded files in subdirectory: storing files in /upload/237/
    2. Improved upload interface.
    3. Show uploading filename on page title during upload.
    4. Create thumbnails for images automatically.
    5. Allow upload images as thumbnails for non-image files.
    6. Easy steps to add uploaded files to folders.
    7. Textarea input for multiple urls and ftps upload.
    8. Ability to stop users to click links during uploading: a message box popup when users leave the upload page.
    9. A independent page for collecting file links of one upload session.
    10. Copy single/multiple file links easily after upload.
    11. Restart a new upload without refreshing index page.
    12. Edit filename and description after upload.

    1. Private host packages for admin use
    2. Check username length and password when registering
    3. Reward setting.
    4. Reward page added.

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    Update: we had some license issues with Ioncube loader. So if you downloaded the script before, the admin panel showed a license error message. Now the issue has been fixed. You can re-download updated version here:

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