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    Over 20 sites for sale

    Any site not priced is BIN of $29, but feel free to make offers on sites, please do keep it sane though.
    Please read footer for complete details.

    Enom names $25 $25 $20 $15 $20 $20 $20 $20 $15 $20

    Go Daddy names







    www.SEARCHCB.INFO $15


    www.WEBSPEAK.INFO $10

    Take all 9 info's for $40

    any product offered is included in site, save obvious ones like the cellphone affiliate site. Dates vary a great deal. None have been promoted so assume no traffic. Please check a whois for dates and some like for indexed pages and the like. Ask any question you need.

    After paypal payment, will push domain to godaddy or enom(whereever the domain is currently) and then give you cpanel access as well as FTP data. Will offer 2 weeks for you to move the site to your hosting. Thank you.

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    Buy one get one free

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    Do all of them have paypal as the payment gateway or do some of them require merchant accounts?

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    they all use paypal

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    Is it all automated after an order is placed?

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    Thats an older ad, all the .coms have been sold. Most all of my sites are automated. I have a newer ad with sites still for sale.

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    Can you link me to the new one?
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    Is there any chance that is still for sale. Website included with the domain? Just wanted to make sure I read that correctly.

    James B.

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    yes is still for sale

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    I don't see how to PM you here so I will give you a email.
    Let me know how you accept payment and we can go from there.

    wolfeden46939 at

    James B.

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