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    please help... with domain name

    Is it possible to not have my name or personal information not appear if people search for my domain name..

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    get a whois guard - namecheap usually gives it for free with new domains, with godaddy you have to purchase the privacy blocker which isn't free.

    but you'd have to check with your individual registrar, it's different setups for different registrars.

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    Yes also even you transfer your domain name from other registrar to namecheap you can get the whois guard free, I think that worth if you want to hide your contact info.

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    even i was looking for dat !! thanks a lot guys !

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    Yes of course you can have your personal info blocked.Every domain name registrar provide this function,mostly are freely.Try to contact with your domain host company if you already have a domain name ask about it.

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    every domain name company such as godaddy has privacy selection to hide under domain proxy so check with the company.

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    I use GoDaddy privacy - nice and simple set up - only problem is they try and sell you so many other things at the same time.

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    Hello, to protect your personal information you need a service that is named whois guard, id protect(ion) or privacy protection, there are other names but are all similar with these.

    some companies offer the service for free and in anothers you need to pay.

    I have created a topic to chose a company that gives me the best price for domain registration/renewals/transfer + privacy protection. And the company I have choosen was They offer free privacy protection and their price I think was the best. My second choice is, their id protection are paid but it is cheap. I wouldn't go with for their prices, I think they are abusive. BUT, all three companies are well spoken in this forum.

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    If you register through go daddy they offer private registration.

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