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    Spam Test Website?

    Hi guys, please correct me if my concept of anti-spam is wrong.

    Is there a website that host many of the anti-spam program and test your domain's email to see if it will be rejected by any one of the programs.

    I can't explain it well, but basically, is there an anti-spam version of

    I wanna test my domain email to see if PayPal has rejected my email as spam or just ignored my email.

    Thanks for any help!

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    If I understand correctly, you basically want to know if there's a service that will run your e-mail through many different anti-spam programs?

    Many operate by using filters on the body of the message, not the server it's from. I don't know of any services that do that, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were some. At work, I run our newsletters through command-line SpamAssassin to make sure no one chose words that happen to be favored among spammers, and our newsletter vendor has a Spam Test tool that does the same sort of thing.

    If you think it's specifically your server, and not message content, check your IP in a DNSBL lookup tool, like or the like. I don't know specifically what Paypal uses for anti-spam. Another question -- are you running SPF on your domain?

    More specific to your problem than to the technical side of things, don't they send you a confirmation e-mail when they receive your mail? Did you get that? Is it possible that your anti-spam is rejecting their mail? Just a few thoughts.

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    Oddly PayPal doesn't seems to send a confirmation email... I've check my spam folder and it's empty.

    I am actually using Google Apps for my domain email. From what I know, I think some spam filter checks the email header and match the domain name with the originating server? So if they detect that it is a Gmail server but the domain name's not they would reject it? (Please correct me if i'm wrong)

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    doesn't matter if you use Google APs for your mails.
    it would be better to ask support team of Paypal to know what is stooping the mail.

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    Ok! Just re-emailed them with my original gmail account. Waiting for their reply now...

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