Hello Everyone,

Some of the usual great deals from ZanyHost that you WHT users love.

We just added bandwidth to all new orders and previous clients! that means some packages have 200%+ more Bandwidth!!!!

Our Current Packages:

..:: Micro OpenVZ VPS::..

10GBHDD Space
240GB Bandwidth
∑256mbRAM (Dedicated)
∑1 IP address
$8.00 Per Month (OpenVZ)
$12.95 Per Month (Xen)
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..:: Mini OpenVZ VPS::..
∑25GB HDD Space
∑400GB Bandwidth
∑512mb RAM (Dedicated)
∑1 IP address
$15.00 Per Month (OpenVZ)
$16.95 Per Month (Xen)
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..:: Big OpenVZ VPS::..

HDD Space
∑800GB Bandwidth
∑1024mb RAM (Dedicated)
∑1 IP address
$25.00 Per Month (OpenVZ)
$31.95 Per Month (Xen)
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..:: Mega OpenVZ VPS::..
∑100GB HDD Space
∑1200GB Bandwidth
∑2048mb RAM (Dedicated)
∑1 IP address
$40.00 Per Month (OpenVZ)
$58.95 Per Month (Xen)
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..:: New !! Ultra VPS 4GB!!::..

∑220GB HDD Space
∑2800GB Bandwidth
∑4GB RAM (Dedicated)
∑5 IP addresses
Free DirectAdmin
Xen or OpenVZ!
None Oversold!!
$80.00 Per Month (OpenVZ)
$91.95 Per Month (Xen)

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Contact to Order
[email protected]

Operating system optiond currently on our VPS servers:

  • CentOS 5 (Recommended)
  • CentOS 5 Host in a Box
  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • Suse & OpenSuse
  • SlackWare
  • Gentoo
  • Debian 4.0
  • Fedora 8 & 9

32bit or 64bit is available on most Operating systems, if in doubt please contact prior to purchase. We are currently unable to offer any windows VPS servers although if you require another Linux based OS please contact our sales team.

Control Panels:

  • cPanel = $16/PerMonth
  • Direct Admin = $6/PerMonth
  • LxAdmin = Free

You may install your own control panel license without purchasing one from ourselves, we can install your control panel as well but this will add time to the order, we are unable to install your own license.

Upgrade Options:

  • 1 extra IP Address $1.15/PM, +$1/PM for each after this.
  • 3 IP's Max Per VPS
  • More HDD $POA
  • More RAM $POA
  • More Bandwidth $POA

All of our VPS Servers come with the following services and features:
  • OpenVZ or Xen Container
  • High End Hardware
  • Instant Reboots
  • Upgrade options
  • Stats Monitoring
  • 99% SLA*
  • Full Root Access
  • Redundant bandwidth providers

  • Reinstall OS in under 2min
  • Multiple OS choice
  • No Contracts
  • Secure PayPal Payment
  • Regular Back-ups*
  • 24/7 Tech Support

How long is setup? Generally we aim to have all VPS servers setup in 12hours, In some circumstances we may be waiting for new hardware to be setup or IPís provided therefore please allow up to 4days, You will be billed from the date of hand over.

How many VPSís per server? There is no fixed number for this, generally we host on 8GB Quad Core Intelís and normally the RAM is filled first, so if we sold four 2GB VPS that server would be full, but it would take 16 512mb servers to fill the same space, On average there is about 8-12 VPSís per server.

How much is a managed VPS server? Currently we do not offer management on the VPS servers only on dedicates, although we will try our best to help out with any problems that you are having if there is spare admin time. If you really are in need of management we will offer it for $25 per month on a case by case basis.

How much burst RAM is there? I am happy to say that there is none, and simply this is because our dedicated ram is so cheap we have no need to oversell and start offering people burst RAM like many other companies.

What server will I be put on? All of our current VPS nodes are using the following hardware that is specifically created for the VPS environment:

Quad Core Intel Q6600
2 X 250GB HDD
100Mbps Connection to the internet or better

What is your network like?
Zany Host uses some of the best data centres in the world to hosts its customers, they all have major redundant fibre backbone connections to the internet. Currently all of our new VPS orders will be located at:

TelX, Atlanta USA, TestIP:
Test Files can be provided on request.

Payment options:
Currently we are only accepting PayPal monthly subscription payments, discounts can be gained from yearly payments; contact our sales team for more information about these. All orders are passed through a Fraud check; please do not be offended if your legitimated account is flagged.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
You can also catch us on live support most of the day.

Kindest Regards,
Zany Host Sales Team