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    VPS - 1and1 - Plesk Upgrade Cleanup


    I am hosting on 1and1 VPS package and using plesk. I ws having free space of 3gb of free space and once i upgraded the plesk my disk space is now 1gb free only.

    Is this full because of temp files?

    Is there a way to clean up? or any ssh commands?

    As i have allready tried the ssh command yum update to update all files.



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    check the disk free space by
    $df -h -T
    and then use
    du -h < insert dir name here>

    to check the disk usage

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    Talking Warning

    An original Plesk cp install usually have not problems; but after upgrades a lot of problems can occur. Then, if you are not exactly a Plesk expert it is strongly recommended do not use command line to freed disk space...
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