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    Kualo Site Re-Design & Brand


    We've just completed a re-brand and site re-design.

    What do you think?

    Would love to hear your thoughts, and if you spot any bugs or typos please let me know!


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    I love it, good job

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    I like it, its nice and clean, but you have no meta tags (being REALLY picky) maybe add some? Might help for SEO.
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    1. I like the multiple calls to action on the home page.

    2. The "slide" transition effect in your flash header is a bit distracting. I would rather see it as a dissolve.

    3. The first slide in your flash file is a very prominent black background, overpowering the page. Perhaps consider softening it up with a radial or linear fill?

    4. Your Cloud Flash video is funny. Good job.

    5. On the cloud/whatisit page, the testimonial on the right seems to cover up some image under it. (In Firefox)

    6. I understand your concept of having different header colors for web hosting, cloud, dedicated and resellers but personally, I find it a bit unsettling. I prefer to see more consistent colors throughout a site. But that's just me.

    7. IMO, you use too many colors. For example, Just too many color. Makes it look it bit too "circus-y". Again, perhaps that's just me.

    8. On , I would like to see ALL the features at the bottom of the page have a popup tooltip. You left some out.

    9. Your 60 day money back guarantee in the right column is not hyperlinked. I would prefer to see it hyperlinked to somewhere that it explains it with a bit more detail.

    10. Overall, I can see that you have put much care and thought into the new design. Very good job.


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    Overall its a nice design. I wish I knew what your website before this one looked like. Great job and best of luck to you!
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