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Thread: Domain name

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    Domain name

    Can anyone suggest good domain name for technical support company? I tried some, but all of them had already taken.

    Awaiting for reply

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    what about or or or or try different combination i hope you catch some.

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    I know that there are many free online tools which can help you solve such a problem. They work easily, you just provide a key phrase and a tool displays all suggestions avaialble. I would recommend you to find at least one such a tool.

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    I think you should more specific about the technical support while searching the domain name such as it could be for cell phones, hosting, computers, or other electronic or mechanical goods?

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    Or you could add your country as an extension of the name - techusa etc or use llc.

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    5,866 is available
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    i personally like

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    Well, you should check dropping domain names too... Sometimes, it is good idea to acquire a domain through backorder system.

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