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Thread: uk trademark?

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    Question uk trademark?

    I was looking at registering a uk trademark online here:

    I looked at the form and the only personal details it requires are a name, address, phone number, signature.

    I would have thought you would need to provide ID like a drivers license etc so they know what you look like, because what if your name was John Smith and had the same signature as another John Smith, how would they know which John Smith owns the trademark? A person could change their address and phone number too.

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    Maybe they'll ask somewhere during the process... but what if you don't hold a driving license? I agree that there should be some type of more authenticative processing.
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    It's a lot more than that, you would need a lawyer to do it for you, est cost 1k - 2k.

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    Untill they have your hard earned s, I doubt if they care.
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