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    Please recommend me a switch

    Hello, can you please recommend me a reliable and cost-effective switch.

    I need it to be able to do the basics and limit port speeds that aren't standard like 20Mbps or 30Mbps.

    Please recommend me switches in all price ranges, thank you!

    Jacob Wall -

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    It all depends on your buget and the type of connectivity 100Mbps ports or Gigabit ports. We use some SRW2048 models and I believe there is also one for sale here on WHT as well. The HP ProCurve Switch 2848 is a very good switch as well.

    Try out these two threads on WHT:
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    I am not sure 100%, but I think for port shaping, you will need a L3 switch. When saying L3 device, HP 2848 seems not a good one (even I am using couple of them greatly but in L2 only).

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    If you are talking about "rate limiting" you can do that with most Cisco switches. For under $200 on ebay you can pick up a Cisco 2950T. They have 24 and 48 port models with various types of expansion slots (gigE or GBIC slots).

    You can setup rate limiting of any speed with these and apply it it certain ports. The 2950 is EOL for Cisco, but they work great, are cheap, and plenty of them are floating around.

    If you are looking for something with a little more HP, I'd recommend the Adtran (Netvanta) 1500 series.

    These have nearly identical parts and OS as the Cisco models and have a better warranty. They aren't cheap, but you can get wire speed from them. I've used them for iSCSI networks, and they work great.

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