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    Gigabit SSL FTP/FXP Backup Servers with SFV Checking

    These uber high quality packages are perfect for backing up your hosting data, website(s), or for handling any need you may have
    for offsite data storage by ftp.

    By using only the best and fastest servers available it benefits you by allowing you to be back in business fast when - not if -
    you need to restore from your backups.

    I've noticed a concern expressed in other threads about a "fear of using another hosting company to backup your hosting data."
    At High Velocity FTP Servers we only do FTP. The bottom line here is that we have no use nor desire for
    poaching anyone's hard-earned hosting customers.
    You can rest easily in the fact that your data is safe with us.

    Now you can have fast and secure ftp backups/restores without having to purchase an entire dedicated server and without the
    time and labor involved in maintaining an additional server.

    Our servers run on RAID-10 arrays for high speed as well as peace of mind. And as you'll see by each of our package specs,
    over-selling our servers does not enter into our business plan (nor our motto). It's a breath of fresh air to know that with
    us, you're paying for (and receiving) quality service and quality servers.

    We look forward to working with you and to being a part of your success team. So without further adieu, here are the packages:

    Starter Package - $14.95 USD (Monthly)
    1 User Login
    5GB Storage
    15GB Transfer/month

    Professional Package - $29.95 USD (Monthly)
    2 User Logins
    10GB Storage
    30GB Transfer/month

    Small Business Package - $59.95 USD (Monthly)
    5 User Logins
    20GB Storage
    60GB Transfer/month

    Medium Business I Package - $79.95 USD (Monthly)
    7 User Logins
    30GB Storage
    90GB Transfer/month

    Medium Business II Package - $154.95 USD (Monthly)
    15 User Logins
    50GB Storage
    150GB Transfer/month

    Enterprise I Package - $179.95 USD (Monthly)
    20 User Logins
    60GB Storage
    180GB Transfer/month

    Enterprise II Package - $249.95 USD (Monthly)
    25 User Logins
    75GB Storage
    225GB Transfer/month

    Enterprise III Package - $329.95 USD Monthly
    30 User Logins
    95GB Storage
    285GB Transfer/month

    Our packages are very fairly priced and by purchasing in quantity you can receive an additional discount:
    ~5% for quarterly billing (once every 3 months)
    ~10% for semi-annual billing (once every 6 months)

    And, last but not least: For a limited time you can even score a 20% lifetime recurring discount (off any plan) by
    redeeming promotional code 'GRANDOPENING'. This promo code is only good for 2 days and is good for only
    a limited number of signups so act fast!

    Get access to a very cool Gigabit FTP server login from a very cool company today. What are you waiting for?

    Product Pricing
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