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    Client Exec and WHMCS - lets hear the pro's and cons (What do you like better?)

    So i have been looking at ClientExec and WHMCS trying to decided what the better software is and which would i be better off with.

    They both look very similar there are a couple of different modules, some people tell me WHMCS is the best but ClientExec has less bugs and then i hear that ClientExec is better then WHMCS..

    I am looking for some feedback from people who have used these tools and can provide some insightful comments.

    My hope is to get some constructive feedback and maybe this post will help someone else who is trying to make the call.

    Thanks again

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    I've been using WHMCS for three years now, and would never suggest or use anything else. When I started using it, Matt (owner/dev), took in a lot of feature requests users gave it and comparing then to now.. WHMCS is packed full of everything you'd essentially need. I especially liked that I didn't need to find a separate means of support/ticketing since it was built in.

    Any app has bugs, and the difference is how often the developers stomp them out.

    Anyone can tell you which to go with, but the only question is what do you need it for? You can easily weigh out the pros and cons of which in comparison to what you need, and what you're willing to pay for.

    Have you given either of them a spin with their free trial? Best to try it out on your own as well. /
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    Both software are fine. I guess it depends on your needs and how comfortable you are in using them.

    We've been using clientexec since 2003 and we are satisfied with it :-)
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    I've used both and I like WHMCS better..for some reason I find it easier to use and it just handles everything - not saying clientexec doesn't handle what you need, I just have more exp with WHMCS and I don't plan on switching.

    1 con of both is that they are not free everybody likes free.

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    I also liked WHMCS out of the two. I found the interface for WHMCS a lot easier to navigate through and to work with. However, I know a lot of people who still prefer CE over WHMCS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanK View Post
    So i have been looking at ClientExec and WHMCS trying to decided what the better software is and which would i be better off with.
    Neither app is PA-DSS certified and as such will not be usable soon by anyone who wishes to use credit cards as payment methods.

    I do know ClientExec is working on their certification and WHMCS has mentioned on their board that they are also thinking about working on certification.
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    We would say, whmcs is better and more easier to use than clientexec.


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    I have to throw my vote in for WHMCS as a all-in-one system, it's fantastic. The billing side just works, and that's all I can ask for.

    I switched from ClientEXEC to WHMCS billing a while back, and it was one of the best decisions I made. The price is good, and it just works.
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    I will post this here although I posted this on the premium forums:

    WHMCS has had a lot of problematic bugs in the past and it still does. Client Exec does not have as many bugs but Client Exec has a more complex interface.

    Client Exec has an easier way of doing Maxmind and you can show the logo of Maxmind on Client Exec.

    You do not have to see a simple one page index.php file without nothing on it except for one line. You can use phpsysinfo with Client Exec and view it in the administrator area.

    You can not distribute your WHMCS downloads on your site. Client Exec you can.

    Licenses are cheaper with Client Exec and you can be a Client Exec reseller without as much limitations. You cannot pay to be a reseller with whmcs unless you contact them and agree to the terms that set. With client exec, you just pay with paypal and generate the 5 licenses or how much depending on what you paid.

    You do not have to put a license key after it is installed. You just have to have the domain licensed.

    You can use ioncube and zend as well. You do not have to just have ioncube on your server.

    You can generate Client Exec reseller licenses in the new client exec 4.0

    Staff to staff chat. Quickly chat with staff members that are currently online without having to log into any external IM applications.

    4.0 Picture:
    Things that were not mentioned in the premium forums. These things are in WHMCS already most likely.

    • Partial Payments. Accept partial payments and track them properly.
    • Credits. Want over payments to be applied to the next invoice? Or better yet provide your customers with a positive credit balance to be used in future purchases. It is now possible.
    • Team Status. Having a hard time keeping up with your staff's status? Now with the new team status addon it is a snap. Follow the departments you want to be notified of status changes and keep yourself informed like never before.
    • Affiliates. Our new affiliates module allows you to offer affiliate status to any customer as well as keep track of orders and commission. No need for 3rd party integration.
    • Multi-currency. Major enhancements to our multi currency support have been added to add flexibility in your offerings.
    • And so much more. If you want to be involved in the alpha testing please make sure you follow us on twitter and post your desire to do so.
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    whmcs is best from my part

    also i cant give comment on client exec because iam not useing that
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    I am using whmcs, but I don't really like the new version (v4). Whmcs also had some bugs which I believe they fixed soon. Never heard any bug report about clientexec, which seems stable.

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