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    Incorrectly categorized website content?

    I work for the USAF and browse the internet on DOD computers through a base-wide proxy that filters out content.

    I am trying to access any of my newly purchased domains from work but all the domains I've recently purchased are being blocked by our filters. I get a page stating: "Access Denied (policy_denied) Content Categorization: none".

    This website registered at with their paid hosting, I can't access: -- Just a 3 page test site I created using notepad with help from a CSS Design book.
    This one registered at -- Used to be a simple test page, but now points to my website on free host Still doesn't work.

    The strange thing is that I have two free domains on separate free hosts with glype proxies on them that I can access with no problem. Every other established proxy site I've tried (not mine) gives me "Access Denied (policy_denied) Content Categorization: Proxy Avoidance".

    So, the free hosts seem to work, but I am very limited on what I can do with them. I've tried to different domain name registrars and paid web hosts with no difference. I've tried editing my META tags to see if I can "Categorize" my content to no avail. I can't ask my network admin to add my sites to the whitelist. It's the military, they don't care about my problems. And yes, I know how to and have used both proxies and ssh tunneling. That's not the point. I don't want to go around the filters.

    If there is a fix on my end, that would be preferable. Would it make a difference if I got a dedicated IP? If I used SSL? If I changed something in my headers? Why does the freely hosted domains with unauthorized content work, but my paid host domains with very basic content and nothing unauthorized not work? Why does the freely hosted domain work stand-alone, but when I point to it with, is blocked?

    Sorry for the long post. I wanted to make sure I got out all the details. Thanks for any help.


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    This was corrected after submitting my site to bluecoat's site review.

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