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    Anyone use SMWEB or Dipak for design services?


    I want to know if anyone has used...
    user: smweb
    name: Dipak

    ... for design services. I am looking at them to perform a design project for me. However, I am doing research to find out if they are trustworthy and reliable.

    Please reply with any experience that you have had with him.

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    unable to access smweb's site

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    able to access using proxy site, seems very good portfolio and price.

    Best of luck Internet54

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    Yes, portfolio's are nice, but recommendations are better
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    Hi Internet54.. I got your msg.

    My company was very happy with the work Dipak (along with SMWEB) did on our new website. The communication was very good, and the quality of work was excellent.

    We liked the fact they were able to not just design our website, but implement it with flash, and were also able to code custom PHP code.

    I would highly recommend them from a professional stand point.

    My only suggestion is when dealing with Dipak and others... make sure you tell them exactly what you want. Also work with them on edits/customizations. We went through about 31 designs before we were happy with the final design. Mind you... most of those were because we did edits on the design... but still... work with them.
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