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    Fast UK or US Based Reseller Provider..Anyone?

    I would like people to post their experiences about reseller hosting based in UK or USA. I was customer for and i was appalled about their service. Slow sites, uneducated customer support agents and up time around 95% instead of 99.99% they promise. Only good thing about them was the price. I thought that when the company is big i could rely on their services but i was wrong.

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    There are many web hosts targetting different niche's. Someone's great experience could be not so great for you..

    Do you have any particular requirements and budget? Best way to find a host would be to have a look at the offers forum, compile a list of hosts which meet your requirements.. Search for reviews here and on google.. eventually narrowing it down.. Then send of some pre-sales questions, gradually narrowing it down to just one host which has good reviews, and what you're looking for..
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    I recommend Hostdime. We have reseller accounts on their servers for years and their services are great. If your budget is low when try Surpasshosting(it is member of Hostdime family and most things are same). Stay away from too cheap reseller hostings. Price is not the most important thing.
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    I've had good experience with Hostgator (not that it's a surprise or anything, right?) but for me price and features are secondary to trust and customer service. But you really need to specify about requirements and budget as IH-Rameen stated. The UK and US basically covers the vast majority of reseller web hosting available out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IH-Rameen View Post
    There are many web hosts targetting different niche's.
    True, so what sort of service are you (the OP) looking for? What specs, what control panel and so on?

    My quick recommendations are EZPZHosting for cPanel who have servers in the UK and USA but are UK based as a business. I last used them a few months ago now but they were brilliant.

    I'm currently with HostPC for a DirectAdmin reseller account (IMO cPanel is a load of rubbish in comparison to DirectAdmin). In my entire one day of service, they've been brilliant! Great speeds, setup etc.

    Good luck...

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    If you are looking for a fast and reliable reseller web hosting provider, I suggest you to go for a host that does not oversell their web hosting. Overselling often overloads the servers and hampers the performance.

    On the contrary, with a non-overselling host, though you may need to pay a bit more, you get more stable enviornment which boosts your website performance.

    Good luck with your search..

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