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    Exclamation -- NEED FEEDBACK

    i been searching around and need some feedback on Please post all your GOOD/BAD experience with them.

    Thank you.!

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    I saw this thread last night and hoped by this morning one or two of our customers had seen it and given their opinions.

    Although WHT isn't the only place orders come from the last few orders have given this is the referer so maybe they've just not been on the board recently.

    I can say however that there was a thread a couple of weeks ago started by a customer so maybe you would like to do a search for this
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    Well they seem to have a good business going from the looks of their site..

    The pricing indicates that they would have to have some pretty good support going to.

    I say give them a try.. they have a 14 day money back garauntee so yah.. give them a try - wont hurt

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    I had a free account with them once (don't ask why ) uptime was good , support was good. I give them 10/10

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    I inquired about their services a short time ago and they were very prompt with their answers and quite helpful. I ended up getting a dedicated box deal that was too good to pass up, but I wouldn't hesitate to try them after a good pre-sales conversation.

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    After I got lack of support from other webhosting company, I moved all my client to, They help me to move all my client to clookhost server, and ready to used less than one hour.

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    I actually downloaded the server stats script last night. That is as far as I have gotten so far with

    They seem okay and I have not seen any bad info about them through searches. Only thing is the guarantee is 14 day and not the traditional 30 day, but I think that if you are going to go bad it will not be on the 15th day but in plenty of time to deal with.

    Think that they will be okay to roll with.

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