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    * Good service from Vaserv / fsckvps!

    Greetings all,

    I just thought I'd post a complimentary comment about vaserv/fsckvps to balance all the negative threads. I've posted some negative comments about them, too, especially in respect of their billing system, but I had a pleasant experience last night.

    I raised a ticket at 22:28 (UK time) on a Friday night, asking for a PTR record to be set for rDNS on my VPS and also for the time on the host to be synchronized as it was about one and a half minutes slow. I didn't expect a response until Monday at the earliest but fsckvps support responded at 23:18, less than an hour later, confirming that the PTR record had been configured and that the time had been synchronized.

    I was quite impressed!


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    Thank you for the review.

    Please provide your domain hosted with them in their VPS. You can provide it here
    Specially 4 You
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    Thanks for your nice comments, we appreciate them

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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Please provide your domain hosted with them in their VPS. You can provide it here

    I assume this request that I prove I have a VPS with them is to discourage vendors from making complimentary remarks about themselves, but I don't really see how it achieves that. Anyway, I'm just an ordinary customer of VAServe with no axe to grind. If they do something well, I'm happy to say so; if they do something badly, I'm happy to say that too!

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    but i heard some bad review of fskvps
    many people even use trash describe it

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaman View Post
    but i heard some bad review of fskvps
    many people even use trash describe it
    I've been a customer of VAServ (under their CheapVPS brand) for a couple of years now. They've recently had problems (starting with the HyperVM exploit) and it looks, from the outside, that the large volume of tickets has resulted in a dip in the quality of customer service while they try to keep up with the tickets.

    Personally I've not had any problems with any ticket I've opened. They've all been responded to promptly and resolved in an appropriate timeframe. I've even got one on the go just now and I'm very happy with how it's being handled.
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    Great review! Always a thrill reading positive feedback. Thank you for sharing and best of luck to you!
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    The OP has provided a subdomain hosted by Vaserv / fsckvps.

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