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    How to log all email sent from a server?

    I have a client who wishes to log all email sent to and from their site. I have created simple forwarding emails to a holding email to gather copies of all email sent TO the client.

    How can I gather all emails send FROM the site (smtp and webmail) and store a copy in a holding email account?

    Is this possible?

    I use cPanel for this client.

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    well, I have done something similar and what I have done was to blank copy all e-mail to an other account that on that domain (for example [email protected]). All e-mails sent from [email protected] ended in [email protected] in the test.sent folder and the e-mail received ended up in the test.sent folder so my client could then access that account through imap and be able to see all the e-mail that were sent and received from all the other accounts on that domain using the webmail or an other mail client. Probably this is something you are looking for,

    You need to do a little work there anyway and you sould be very careful when you modify the exim config since cPanel will always change it back after a while (usually a few days)

    You can start by looking at something like this:

    There are more things you can find out but basically you will need to look for how to copy messages to an other folder based on the sender's name since that is easy and you should be all set and your client will be able to see all the messages already grouped to avoid useless search
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    Interesting ... that could work. I'll dig a little deeper.

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