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Thread: rsync help

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    rsync help

    i am transferring cpanel's weekly backup to another backup server. i tried the following:

    rsync -rt --password-file=/root/backuppass --delete --progress /backup/cpbackup/daily/ [email protected]:/home/backup/
    it is working fine except, prompt for password. i have given --password-file=/root/backuppass. password is written there. the single line of content contains only password. no other string there. password is in plain text. why still it asks for password? i want to set it as cron, so i can't enter the password.

    also, I get error when I use --del instead od --delete. --delete removes all files before starting transfer. however as per manual, --del is removes during copy. i get same error in case of --delete-during.

    thanks in advance.

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    --password-file is used when connecting to rsyncd.
    It looks like you use rsync over SSH and therefore you are prompted for the SSH password. To solve this and make it work from crontab you should setup keys for the login on the remote backup server, ~/.ssh/authorized_key
    Or make sure rsyncd is running on the remote server and use rsync://... as the destination.

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    Here is how you create a nologin ssh:

    1) Create the private{4} and public{5} keyssh-keygen -t dsa

    You will be prompted for a key location, the default is fine so just press enter.

    Then you are asked to enter a passphrase. From man ssh-keygen:

    2) Copy the public key to the server (you will need to enter the password):

    cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh [email protected] "cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

    3) That's it, to test it just ssh to the other server and you shouldn't need a password.

    If you entered a passphrase then you need will need to enter it when prompted:

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