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    Bill Gates vs The Hurricane

    I'm sure some have seen the new "anti-hurricane" technology Bill Gates is involved in.

    But honestly, hasn't this been the case all along? Hurricanes blow. Windows sucks. They have been naturally canceling each other out for decades!

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    wow lol. That's quite an interesting idea, Now mine:

    Use Windmills in the path of a tornado
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    Anything that can avoid situations like katrina would be great. However I am just wondering about the butterfly effect... Would be very interesting to see.
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    Bill Gates has the plans for every case. Just announces them time by time

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWDevil View Post
    Anything that can avoid situations like katrina would be great. However I am just wondering about the butterfly effect... Would be very interesting to see.
    Here's one to ponder and I'm going to keep it relatively narrow.

    Pumping cooler water from deeper waters to the surface in the Atlantic (assuming we could pump enough water to do it):
    Cool the Gulf Stream current enough would cause the water temperatures on the eastern coast of the USA to cool, and affect local climates and lower beach temperatures. The lower temperature would force a migration of tropical fish or any other fish needing 90F water to survive and reproduce to migrate somewhere else. However since the gulf stream has cooled to 86F (a VERY SIGNIFICANT amount) these fish eventually die out because its too cold to reproduce. Goodbye east coast warm water fisheries and charters hoping to catch tropical fish, not on the east coast. However at least we'll get some warmer water fish closer, but only if the water column and ocean floor can support the necessary bait. Oh, wait we only cooled surface temperatures. I'm not saying the east coast will lose all its fish, just the natural tropical water ones. Also since the ocean is a primary weather driving force, the surface temperature will be cooler and less moisture will reach the atmosphere and it will be harder to form rainstorms and it will generate drought like conditions anywhere "down wind" as the air gets drier. Now that the ocean temperature has been lowered to a level that's less favorable for a hurricane. We wont have anymore katrinas... YAY.

    Anyone care to import crops that used to naturally grow in mass quantities here that now have to be irrigated much more, or simply imported? Now let me go buy a Florida Orange that was grown in California and shipped to florida for $8 lb.

    I'm not saying don't do it, but be aware of everything else that will occur... Food for thought...
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