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    "Top Notch" shared hosting

    This may be a foreign concept to some people, but I am trying to find a very "high quality" web host - but still a shared plan. I do not have the budget for a VPS quite yet, but after going with WebHostingPad for a year now, I have learned my lesson about going with the cheap host.

    I run a medium to small sized website, with active IPB forums and a couple other small applications. There's a community, thus a lot of "non-unique" traffic.

    Generally speaking, I'm experienced enough to install a script without Fantastico, and don't need handholding. What I want is someone reliable, in good reputation, and with no weird frills, or "unlimited space" scams.

    Are there any, even $10+ shared packages, that are like this?

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    MediaLayer definitely.

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    There are many quality hosts here that can provide you with high quality service.

    However you say you have active IPB forums, how many forums are you referring to, and what are the other applications you are hosting? Large forums and other database scripts can require a lot of resources so to properly help you find what you need, we need to work out weather or not your hosting problems are related to how much resources you use.

    At the moment it sounds like a Semi-Dedicated plan or VPS may serve you well, although may not be required so if you can give us more details to help you, that would be great.

    What kind of problems have you experienced with Hosting Pad?

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    I run a medium to small sized website
    What do you mean with this? how many visitors at the same time your forum have in peaks/average? how much space/bandwidth do you use per month?
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    Ahh, the problem with Hosting Pad may be limited to them. The problem was very vague (they didn't ever formally contact me about it before shutting my account down for a day), and it had to do with a few scripts of ours (which we have taken down and since optimized while offline).

    The website is dynamic, very database driven, and the forums have, probably 120+ posts per day (if that's any indicator). It's not a heavyweight site per se, but I don't want to have problems with say, a company that squishes 2000 websites onto a server and shuts me down for using a bit of memory.

    WebHostingPad, for a few reasons, I view as the "starter" web hosting, and I've outgrown that - but I'm not quite into the VPS range yet, I don't think.

    MediaLayer...I will try and look into that.

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    There a quite a few high quality hosts out there with great uptime, service, support and reviews. All in one great package, all you need to do is some research.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HostiaWeb View Post
    There a quite a few high quality hosts out there with great uptime, service, support and reviews. All in one great package, all you need to do is some research.
    I agree. You can find quite a few hosts of excellent quality. Definitely several to choose from here on WHT. Do some research, read the reviews, and ask around if you have questions.

    Best of luck in your search!
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    There are a good number of hosts here who prize good service and consider themselves "premium" shared hosting.

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    Since you are running quite an active forum, how many users are there online at a given time? What is your space and bandwidth requirements?

    Not all hosting providers will cram thousands of hosting accounts into their server. Personally I think that a few hundred of accounts are a little too much, whether they are resource intensive sites or trafficless accounts.

    I will advise you to check on the Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the hosting provider to check whether they have a resource usage policy. Some hosting provider will try to work with you while your site uses too much resources while others will suspend you directly and may not even contact you about it. You should confirm such points with the hosting provider that you are looking at before deciding whether to signup with them.
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    I recommend checking the Shared Hosting Offers section of WebHostingTalk: This section contains offers from some providers who probably do meet your needs. There are shared hosting providers who offer $10+ hosting, you'll just need to search in places like the above to find them, as they are becoming a rare "breed" of host.
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    Check out Precision Effect.

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    Yep check the shared offers and look down through them besides the first listings because they get "pushed down" pretty quick with so many offers and a host can't "bump' their ad back to the top without breaking the rules.
    Spend 10 or 15 minutes to check out several (I's suggest maybe a short list of 3 or 4 to check out) and you can surely find what you want. You're in a reasonable range with reasonable requirements for most shared hosting.
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    The most important is how much bandwidth and disk space you need.There are so many shared hosting company provides excellent service under your budget.Try to search in the offer part on this forum,you wont see any unlimited there.

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