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    5 year old Magazine site for sale

    I have a magazine sales website for auction, it's

    I'll take offers for the next 5 days, if anyone is interested. That's Friday, Sept. 4th, at 11:30pm EST.

    I'll also include the clearinghouse website where you can order all your magazines cheap.

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    oops I meant 7 days.
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    I'll take $75 for
    I also have these for sale:
    4 yrs old - $25
    3 yrs old - $20
    I'll take $100 for all 3.
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    yes everything with the sites.
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    The magizine site.. Are you personally selling the mag's ?.. If someone took if over would they need to stock all those.. or is this an affiliate shop?

    do it make any money ?

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    Im interested in
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