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    Reasonable time for refund?

    Just asking - host has 30-day money back guarrantee, but the account is inaccessible due to some unfathomable blocked port issue.

    Two days of tech from host and ISP results in conclusion that account will remain inaccessible, and therefore should be closed with refund asked for.

    No response within 48 hours, so posted on their help forum.

    24 hours later, despite tech presence, still no response.

    2nd e-mail now sent.

    What period should I consider as reasonably patient before I issue a chargeback against the host?


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    I would give them at least 72 hours; maybe they're busy.

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    Originally posted by LiNuX
    I would give them at least 72 hours; maybe they're busy.
    I would agree

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    72 hours for a response? He's not looking for resolution - just a note saying they're aware of the situation.

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    I would kind of be inclined to chargeback now!

    They should have acknowledged your request to close account and refund by now, but they havent.

    I think you have waited a reasonable amount of time already.
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    Most credit card companies wont let you do a chargeback until you give the company at least 2 weeks to refund your money, often times longer. Some places dont send you an acknowledgement until the work is done, i know if someone requests a refund after 30 days with us, we dont send confirmation until we know they've got their money back, and refund requests are typically lowest priority, regardless of where you go.

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    Thats true.
    But, start shopping for a host... make the transition as smooth as possible.

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    I was refering to letting another 72 hrs pass , then follow through with his proposed action. Really a chargeback should be a last resort IMHO.

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