Hello everyone, I am here to offer you the chance to optimize your website for top 10 search engine placement, on your own, no need to pay thousands of dollars to some high priced SEO firm to do something you can do yourself. We put the power in your hands, and you become the SEO pro!

Every one of your competitors is using some sort of SEO to better their chances of appearing first in the search engines for their selected keywords. Why not even the playing field and do a little optimizing of your own!

For just $2.50 we will run a detailed SEO report on your website that shows you exactly what you need to do to optimize your website for top 10 search engine placement, twice. These SEO reports show you every detail of your website, and also your competitors websites!

To see a demo of one of these SEO reports, click here.

How much is it?
2 Reports: $2.50
3 Report: $4.50
4 Reports: $6.00
6 Reports: $9.50
11 Reports: $14.50
Unlimited Reports: $32.50!
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How does this work?
We run the first report and send it to you for review. Then, you do the required edits to your website. After you have done the edits, you contact us by submitting a support ticket in our Client Area so we can run the next report. The second report will show you what difference your edits made. The more reports you order, the more you can fine tune your website for top placement!

How long does it take?
We start all reports in the order in which they were received but, we're sure to complete your report within 12 hours at very most!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we only accept PayPal, credit card, or debit card payments. Our PayPal account is a verified premium account, so you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to make your payment!

How can I contact you about this offer?
If you have any questions at anytime, please feel free to contact us using our online contact form, located here. You can also email us directly by sending your emails to seo(AT)abudgetwebhost(DOT)com, or you can PM us here.

Thanks for looking!