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    Private LAN and FreeBSD [Please Help]

    I just rented a second server which I am setting up as a database only server. This is my first time attempting this. The network has a private IP and the datacenter told me this:

    1. Yes, however both servers will need to route requests for the 10.x network to You should not need to utilize the private gateway at all to do this.
    What changes in rc.conf will be needed?

    I still need access via SSH as well so I am not sure if I can run 2 gateways or wtf I should do. The datacenter has basically told me to RTFM (FreeBSD Handbook).

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I don't think you can have 2 gateways on 1 server, you can only have 1 gateway.

    Just setup the local IPs on your second NIC config on these servers and if they're connected to the same local switch they should be able to connect with each other.

    I've run hundreds of FreeBSD servers with this setup. When doing this I separate the public switch and the local switch. Not sure if you can do this if you're doing dedicated server with a provider.
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    I have just one nic. Are you sure I can't create a static route though?

    I found this:

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    Well..looks like I got it right first try with a ifconfig add. The two servers can connect via the private lan now.

    Thanks for help. It was a lot easier than I thought. Sometimes I doubt my own abilities. I forget how far I have come from a noob 8 years ago.

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