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    looking for some much needed help on web hosting

    I am wanting to start a website that is like a lot of others.You can browse and do different things for free but to post responce and things like that i am wanting to charge a membership.I really know nothing when it comes to web hosting.I have read and read searched everywhere and everyway i know how to find this info with no luck.Is there anyone who could get me pointed in the right directions
    Thank You

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    you can look for affiliates programs how clickbankc, click2sell, etc or buy a script for this - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    I am going to look in to it
    Thank you

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    You seem to have web design and web programming, e-commerce problems to solve first. Hosting isn't all that complicated once that's done, but a host will typically just host your site. The web development is not their job.

    Exactly what type of site are you trying to develop? What is it like (a competitor of yours maybe)? If you're lucky, there's a content management system that can already do everything you need (with a few plugins etc.).

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    Joomla is a popular CMS today - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    any suggestions where i may look for this(LOL)

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    thanks alot

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    I would recommend looking into obtaining a designer / programmer to create your website first. They will probably be able to point you in the direction of a reliable host they prefer to use themselves as well.

    Some designers / programmers may even give you the option to host directly with them. However make sure you have access to all your files, and can take your own backups.

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    I think if you explained to us exactly what type of site you are looking for, as previously suggested, someone here can point you to several options to meet your needs most likely as there are clone scripts for pretty much all of the popular sites on the net. What site/sites is it that you like that you want to open up your own version of?

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