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Thread: UK dedi host

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    UK dedi host

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a UK server at the moment and I've found this offering from for 125.

    Dedicated 200 (

    2U Rackmount Supermicro
    Intel Nehalem Xeon 2.66GHz
    6144Mb DDR3 ECC Memory
    1 x 500Gb 7200RPM SATAII
    5000Gb Monthly Transfer
    Monitoring with SMS Alerts
    Instant Remote Reboots

    Now I'd add the raid array and a disk which makes it 140. It seems like a pretty nice deal to me. It's likely to be split into vps's and suchlike. UKservers seem to have a pretty good rep, but do you know of an offering that compares with rocksolid/great support levels?

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    I have a server with RapidSwitch and they just sent out a nice promo through email. It's celebrating their move to a new facility or something. Check em out.
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    UKServers are fairly cheap for the high-end boxes. Might be worthing checking out RackSRV or Pound Host. The guys at get my recommendation also.
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    That is indeed quite cheap. If your looking for unmanaged then as Jason said, check Pound Host or Rapidswitch.
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    Great, thanks for the advice. It really seems like a great deal and so long as they can provide rapid hardware recovery/replacement then I dont really need any support for this server beyond that. I'll keep this updated once a decision has been made.

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