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    Rich Content - Namecheap


    Please excuse me if I'm in error for posting this complaint regarding RICH CONTENT.

    I'm developing a blog site relating to news. Rich Content, a new offering from NAMECHEAP through ENOM, looks to be a great fit for my blog site. I run WP 2.8.4. The instruction for implementing RICH CONTENT on WP is to put it bluntly is TERRIBLE.

    I contacted support through Namecheap SUPPORT CHAT and they were unable to help me. They referred me to support. I sent an email explaining to them the instructions (screen shots) posted for WP were several versions behind. Completely unrelated to version 2.8 or version 2.7 for that matter.

    I brought this to the attention of Namecheap support and I was shock at the response.

    Please see the response below:

    Hello Richard,

    The following information has been provided by the person in charge:

    The instructions for adding the widget are still the same, the instructions for creating the landing page are a little off. In Wordpress you can create a new page in the pages section and paste the code into the html section for the landing page.

    Please let us know if we may be of any further assistance.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team Manager

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: 235562
    Department: Domains -- Technical Support
    Priority: Low
    Status: Awaiting Client Response

    I removed the individual's name to protect his/her privacy.

    I'm shocked at the response and IT DOES NOT YET RESOLVE MY PROBLEM...

    Can anyone help me with this. I have over 50 domain names with Namcheap and have over 50 domain name with Enom...So I'm not a small customer.

    Please help

    Richard Dennis

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    The general procedure is to paste the HTML code namecheap gives you into a place in your wordpress.
    You can either put it on a page or in a post, or in your theme like in the sidebar.
    I'm not sure why this method doesn't work for you. What is going wrong? Where do you want the RichContent info located on the page?

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    I'm not a WP expert so I needed detail instructions...

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    Well I haven't set this up myself, but from reading the site, it appears you need two "widget" codes. One to read the current content on your site and one landing page.
    I guess you could put the Related Content widget in the sidebar, and the Landing Page widget in a new page (go to admin dash board in wordpress, click Add New under Page section)

    Copy paste the Landing Page code into the page, and copy paste the Related Content code into sidebar.php in the wordpress theme editor.
    But once again, I'm not sure if the sidebar is the correct place, but it seems so because the widget is supposed to parse whatever the user is browsing and then show related info.

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