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    blog site need a blog script


    I am setting up a website and need someone to setup a blog script for me so that I can easily login blog and others can comment on the blogs.

    I've looked around and only found very complicated scripts. This needs to be a very simple desgin and easy to use/navigate.

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    Why not use WordPress to power your blog site? It has your login and allows others to comment.

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    I'd also recommend WordPress, it's free and there are countless themes so you probably wouldn't have to pay for anything. Most blogs I'm aware of are powered by WordPress, along with the countless blogs I've installed and managed. I'm sure you'll receive a recommendation for WordPress from almost everyone here on WHT -- that's more than likely what someone would be installing if you paid them for it as well.

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    Wordpress is my recommendation too, if you need help installing it give me a shout.

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    Wordpress is definitely the widely used tool.

    However if you need additional plugins, we can have them written for you
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