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    putting adverts on my site

    Ok, I didn't expect my site to launch quite like this, i've had 3000+ on the first official day of launch, and now I want to put advertising on it ASAP

    I have two spots on my page where a graphic banner can go - how do I go about getting people to want to advertise? Should I contact companies?


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    yes you need to contact related companies, you also show on your site that "space available for advertise" Or you can use adsense etc.

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    Sure you can contact companies themselves, you can use services like adsense who connects you to advertizers, or you can give something like Project Wonderful a shot where advertizers find you.
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    you can give something like Project Wonderful a shot where advertizers find you.
    good idea Ariolander

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    yeah why not try bidvertiser, if you have a lot of visitors then it increases the rate of an ad being clicked, when clicked you earn something like i dunno 0.01p lol.

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    Before you jump into advertising. Think about it quite carefully. Would you visitors/clients like it? Would it detract from the user experience? Personally I hate adverts on websites. They can also mess up a good design.

    Defiantly look at adsense though. They are usually quite plain ads.

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    Stick with adsense and you should do fine if you've got a good flow of traffic daily.
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