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    FAQ Generator/Creator/Manager


    Does anyone here know of a working FAQ generator/creator/manager?
    I tried searching Google, and found this. Unfortunately it is Windows only, but has exactly what I want.

    I'm looking for something that will work fine in any standard shared linux hosting account, preferably PHP/MySQL based.
    If anyone here can help me find what I need, I'd appreciate it.
    Victor Lugo
    Systems Administrator

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    Do you have a budget or are you looking for a free/open source script?

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    Have you searched at
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    Please check the following urls. I hope you are checking for some thing like this


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    I am also looking for one. looking forward..

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    phpMyFAQ is a famous FAQ manager in PHP, check them they have very very good features and its free.

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    If you are looking for a commercially supported product, Interspire have an excellent product - h t t p://


    • Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows
    • Web Server: Apache Web Server, LigHTTPD, IIS (with ISAPI_Rewrite installed)
    • Scripting Language: PHP 5.0 or above
    • Database: MySQL 4.1 or above, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or above, Oracle 9i or above
    • Optional: PHP's LDAP library is required to use LDAP functionality in the Enterprise edition
    • Optional: AntiWord (free) is required to index and search Microsoft Word 2003/XP documents
    • Optional: ppthtml (free) is required to index and search Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/XP documents
    • Optional: PHP's zip library (free) is required to index and search Microsoft Word/PowerPoint 2007 documents
    • Optional: pdftohtml (free) is required to index and search Adobe PDF documents
    • Optional: PHP's EXIF library (free) is required to index and search images
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