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    Will my dedicated server dislike if I share it with another person

    I was going through the terms and conditions of a company
    It did not mention about sharing dedicated is against rules
    will it be OK if I shared dedicated with some body else?
    what are the risks?

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    I don't see where at most places this wouldn't be an issue at all. Just make sure the person you are going to share it with is trustworthy. Depending on what type of data you have on the system. At least make sure you get good backups incase they do something to the system.
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    thanks will it be OK if I ask the provider to virtualize it into two?
    like vps?

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    Well to be honest I share my dedicated server with somebody. I had VPS which wasn't good enough for me, but I didn't want the expensive cost of a dedicated server all to myself.

    I posted an ad here on WHT to find someone that would want to go in on a server with me. I found the perfect combination! The person only needed 200GB space and 50GB bandwidth each month (I gave him 100GB). And he pays me $30/month. So that helps eat the cost each month. (my server costs $114/month). This way I only pay $84 a month

    The risks... well they could change your files around, delete stuff, open things they shouldn't etc. I guess that is something you'll have to decide if you want to do that or not.

    For me and the guy I share my server with, we are on an understanding that we will not touch each others stuff and we swapped each others phone numbers incase we ever need to get ahold of each other =)
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    I agree with RHServices, you are paying for a dedicated server so you "should" be able to setup any user or web site you want on that system. If you want to give another person/company access to your box then that is your option. But I would also recommend backups of your stuff regularly just on the off chance the other person/company does something to the system which causes a problem.

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    ok will that make sense if I ask the dedicated provider to virtulize it make it like 2 vps? would they do it for me
    I could pay a set up fee!

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    I guess it depends on the host. Open up a live chat with a couple of dedicated host that you're thinking about and ask them.

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    well I want to make sure I make sense before I ask them. there are a lot of dedicated providers here what would be their reaction to such a request? I mean generally

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    LoL I think you're looking too much into this. Just go ahead and ask them. I don't think their going to care. They will probably either just say yes they can do it or no.

    They're not going to bite your head of for asking. That's what they are there for.

    I asked many questions before I chose my server. They are not going to mind.
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    For sure you can do it, with any DC. The dedicated server is something which belongs to you directly, so you can either shared it with 1 person or set up a shared hosting there This doesn't matter

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    Have them installed vmware ESXi on it for you, that would be a good free option, as long as the hardware will support it. Shouldn't be a big deal, they might charge you like $25 - $50 or something.
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