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    Question reviews anyone?

    Hi if anyone have experience with please post here!

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    same here, i'm waiting

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    Me too... Hope that someone can make a recent review of keyweb... Hope that my hope don't remain only a hope

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    About a year ago I setup two Linux VPS packages with them for one of my clients (VRS Premium - shared CPU, 2GB ram, 120GB drive). It performs quite well, no high-load node freezing peaks as was typical for EuroVPS during the same time (i.e. year and a half ago), no real long downtimes as I remember and only one particular hardware related problem.

    Issues you may run into:
    - No additional IPs available for VPS plans (only two dedicated on different subnets) - they offer additional ones only for dedicated servers (I guess that's a policy of their data center or something like that).
    - Payments via Paypal are possible, but 4% additional surcharge applies and the payments must be done manually each month (but you can choose longer periods to avoid that manual labour).
    - VAT (19%) is applicable to the price unless you are EU based company with VAT number.
    - No extension of resources is possible if you use their highest VPS plan, only move to dedicated server was offered (seems logical though).
    - Plesk licence is included only with 10 domains (but you can buy 30domains, 100domains or unlimited domains license pack for reasonable amount of euros a month)

    One small thing - If you forget to pay, they send you letter or two (surprisingly regular mail, not e-mail), so beware especially if you pay manually using paypal, since they suspend your VPS if you don't pay. I mean this is quite obvious, only weird thing was they don't contact people over e-mail with reminder (at least in our case it was like that).

    As I mentioned above, we experienced basically only one bigger problem - one of the VPSs at one moment got somehow "reset" and showed content that was about a month old - luckily it was resolved within an hour after contacting technical support and I was told it was due to a specific RAID error. So they probably keep your data safe, although in case of these budget services you can never be sure - so backup, backup, backup! :-).

    Support is fully in English, network is really fast at least within the Europe and maintenance periods are announced in advance (at least as far as I can remember).

    So if you ask if I can recommend them - yes, I can, but please keep in mind that I have experience only with two of their VPS plans as mentioned above and in the course of the year and a half (or so).

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    It's strange that such a seemingly large company don't have many reviews on WHT, have you tried a quick google search to see if anything pops up?
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    Windows VPS performance was poor, sluggish, even with low CPU load, had enough RAM. Connection speed was not the best rarely reached 100Mbit/s. Then PLESK became really slow.

    The first time I contacted support about the slow PLESK they said that it is normal. (Sorry but a 30 sec loading time for plesk is not normal)

    the second time my Proxy application got blocked. Everytime I started it, it shuts down. I contacted support and they said "We don't block anything"

    only when I threatened to cancel and renamed Firefox.exe to myproxyapp.exe to show them that firefox gets shutdown the same way if you give it the name of the proxy ep they unblocked the app.

    On other tickets which are a bit more complex, your ticket gets shove around between several employees, and non of them seems to read what the other one told you, which can be a mess.

    By mistake when I canceled I paid a bill wrongly and there was an outstanding amount of like 4 bucks. Before I finally paid the remaining 4 bucks they threatened to pass it on to their lawyer.....

    On a positive note, I had a Linux VPS years before this and it worked flawlessly.
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    slow Plesk problem might not be related to VPS itself, Its rather the application itself. We have plesk on few servers unfortunately and we hate it due to slow speeds specially.

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    It doesn't matter. My point was that they did not offer a solution, and said it was normal that it is that slow. I know plesk is in general not the fastest. But it took ages to load the login and in the panel itself it was very slow too.
    Also, the VPS was shipped with PLESK so I think they should provide support for it. Or if not forward it to paralells.

    I wouldn't say they are to be avoided but one should be careful.

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