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    Looking for dedicated server in france

    Hello all

    I am looking for a reseller hosting in france for a dedicated server? I am interested in the OVH servers in france but i am not sure who is a resellers. does but i am looking to see if there are any people on the forum who are doing more private reselling for better price. I am located near france but do no have the means to order directly from OVH.

    Thank you

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    Why you don't want to order from USA providers directly?

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    I cannot edit but i forgot to add that I would prefer buying someone who can give access to ovh manager.

    Quote Originally Posted by Billingchamp View Post
    Why you don't want to order from USA providers directly?
    OVH does not host in USA.

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    Welcome to WHT!

    I believe there are very few who do resell for ovh. Make sure to search for review before joining them since there are some bad reviews for the other ovh reseller.
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    Then why only OVH? There are a lot of other DC who can suite your needs.
    If you can tell here what server you need and other things, maybe we can help you to find something good

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    Aren't there local forums in France you can ask your question? I suppose there are should be some of them. And that request might be answered quicker then here

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    265 can do them - i've never used their dedicateds but their vps in france is great.
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    thank you for suggestions. I only knew of OVH and they are biggest france hosting company. Most resells are still servers at OVH. looks good. thank you for suggestion. i will be using paypal only so resellers is a must. i do not have means to purchase directly only paypal. any reseller with good reviews or recommendation i will use. prefer OVH still since dedibox looks like speeds are not as good


    What is a dedibox? A dedibox(s) are dedicated server that are hosted by Dediboxes are dedicated servers that you have root access to but the network on which it is connected is shared. Dediboxes are connected to a supposed 300Gbit network, but due to the many subscribers, dediboxes which are advertised as 100Mbit Unmetered will only guarantee you 30Mbit Unmetered. The only time users report reaching 100Mbit Speeds is while connection to another user on the dedibox network.
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