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    laymans terms - iframe attack

    can someone please advise in laymens terms where a iframe attack derives from. vulnerability from the site or vulnerability on the web hoster. in our case, mosso = web hoster and web coder is advising iframe attack is not from their code but from the hosting provider. Surprisingly enough, apparently it was the wordpress files. not the primary..
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    in our experience, neither the site nor the hoster, at least for this recent round of iframe issues.

    The website owner or his web designer/developer has their HOME computer compromised by malware.

    The malware listens for their next FTP update, and captures the credentials.

    The malware broadcasts the credentials to a criminal botnet.

    The botnet wakes up and starts adding iframe code to many different websites, via FTP.

    There are other ways to end up with malicious iframe code embedded in your website, but this is the pattern we're seeing. Many FTP logins to accounts, from dozens or sometimes hundreds of different IP addresses, all at once.
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    There is nothing special that can be done to remove iframe coded added but you have to remove them using some script.. First you can run clamav to check which files are infected and later run a shell script to replace the iframe code with blank ..

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    You can have mod_security or Applicure's DotDefender for Apache installed on the server if you are running a linux server and Upload Guardian. These will help in reducing the iframe attacks on the server. For IIS, you can go for Applicure's DotDefender for IIS.
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    But, if the bad guys simply have your ftp credentials (and re-capture them every time you use FTP), then all the server-hardening in the world will do nothing to stop the exploit from happening again and again.
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    You have to check the logs to see how the attack originated. If it was by FTP it will be obvious in the FTP logs. if it wasn't by FTP, then the security of the server is compromised and requires deep analysis and hardening to prevent future occurrences.
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    Change the offending users password..

    inform the user that they need to do a virus/malware scan.

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