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    Question Cheap Windows Shared Hosting

    I'm looking for a cheap solution for my website.

    I need to use 2.0 with Full Trust level.

    I don't need much full-time storage, but I have my app creates small videos and the temp files can be more than 1GB. (and there can be many at one time)

    When a shared hosting site states that they give you 1GB of storage does that mean they have a hard limit, or could I go over the limit for short periods of time with my temp files?

    In addition, I'm looking for at least 10GB bandwidth/Month and the ability to e-mail out.

    Any Suggestions?

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    Yes, the limit will be hard limit and each host will either have a limit set for number of days or % of overusage and your account will be suspended upon reaching it. Hence, you will need to come out with actual figure for disk space usage which will include your web files, videos and temporary files.
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    You should check in "Find a Host" link -

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