Data Center Managers don't have easy jobs. Leading and training teams of supervisors and technicians, critical problem-solving during time-crunches, disaster recovery planning, systems analysis, automating systems, data storage planning, and a whole lot more are issues that take up their time and attention.

It's no wonder many data center managers don't focus more on one of their facilities' most important operations--physical uptime maintenance. Clogged fans, unchanged filters, pests, dust contaminants, static buildup, zinc needles, condensation, poor seals and so much more are unseen dangers that inevitably lead to downtime or voided manufacturer warranties.

Proper daily protocol and no-brainer contamination control products like tacky mats should be combined with professional specialized cleaning services on a quarterly or semiannual basis These are insurance measures no data center manager should be without.

Whether you need your data center to remain showroom clean or want detailed environmental reports and pre- and post-clean particle counts to demonstrate your facilities adherence to international standards, you should make sure you have highly-trained professionals cleaning your data centers. Accountability is key. And few things are more dangerous to these facilities than improper protocol/equipment/chemicals, uninsured or poorly insured policies, and untrained or day-labor staffing typical of many janitorial companies. In-house cleaning also poses some problematic issues and can often be more costly than a customized professional cleaning program.

If there are any data center managers or similar professionals with questions about critical environment maintenance and cleaning feel free to ask questions here and I'd be happy to help. Of course you can also visit the website or call.

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