Haven't you already get bored, not to get paid for a sale even it's cancelled 2 months later after signup date? Or haven't you already get bored to just get paid for annual signups? So...

Enjoy our recurring commission structure and earn up to 400% commission per referral with our affiliate program!

You will earn commission for all services we provide, even for VPS and SharePoint Services!

Through ShareASale or in-house, myhosting.com offers an aggressive commission AND recurring affiliate commission based on the sales. When you refer a client who signed up with our any hosting plan, you will get 100% of sale amount for the first month. And you will continue to get 100% for 4 consecutive months as long as customers stay with us.

Our tracking cookie retains your id for LIFETIME that way you will have the chance to receive a commission even if the order is placed 2 years later. No cookie overwrites, no tricks...

The commission is 4 months payment for each new referral and the new client must stay with us for at least 30 days.

At myhosting.com You do not have to force your customers buy annual hosting to earn commission! Because we pay for both monthly and annual sign-ups!

Take a look at the commission rates below. We pride ourselves to make happy our affiliates. So we pay commission for each services and each payment method.

$32 Basic Hosting ($8 x 4 months)
$60 Premium Hosting ($15x 4 months)
$120 Professional Hosting ($30 x 4 months)

$240 Linux VPS ($60 x 4 months)
$280 Windows VPS ($70 x 4 months)

$60 Hosted Exchange E-mail ($15 x 4 months)
$18 E-mail Hosting ($4.50 x 4 months)
$92 Sharepoint Services ($23 x 4 months)

$1 Free Services and Domain Registration

Interested? Letís talk more. Questions? Let me respond to them. As always, I am here to help you become a more successful and effective affiliate.