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    * 6sync ♥ Go BIG and *SAVE* Hurry! ♥ Premium 24x7 managed Xen VPS

    6sync is a premium quality VPS provider with a philosophy of providing the highest-performing non-oversold solutions around, backing them up with genuinely caring support, and at fair prices!


    6sync cares and understands their customers. That's why we provide 24/7 managed support as standard on all our packages, delivered on a cutting-edge high-performance and secure Xen virtualization platform. We know what you demand and, rest assured, we've got you covered.

    This week only we are offering WHT readers a cool 25% RECURRING DISCOUNT on all our new upgraded VPS packages! But this promotion WILL NOT LAST. Don't miss out on your chance to get a powerful premium managed Xen VPS through 6sync at insance pricing.. sign-up today!!


    6sync technological leadership
    Experience our ultra-high performance Xen-based VPS that storms past the competition!

    • Xen virtualization technology guarantees stability, security, and non-oversold environment!
    • Next-generation Intel Nehalem processors delivers the strongest server platform
    • Dedicated ultra-fast DDR3 memory means faster RAM access and greater performance
    • RAID-10 storage arrays for hard drive redundancy and performance
    • Optimized 1000 Mbps internet connection up to 100x faster than others using 10 Mbps

    Support is standard at 6sync, 24/7!
    At 6sync we love the customer and endeavour to make you happy!

    • Hand-holding standard management support included FREE
    • Standard server configuration and security hardening according to your specifications
    • Support available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
    • We can help you migrate to you new home at 6sync (conditions apply)
    • Service with a :-)
    • Daily off-site incremental backups available!


    ♥♥ These super specials are VERY LIMITED TIME offers, so don't delay! ♥♥

    View our full range of plans & pricing

    mini VPS - only $22/month
    512MB – guaranteed DDR3 RAM
    1024MB - swap memory
    40GB – enterprise RAID-10 storage
    400GB – premium bandwidth on 1000Mbit port
    4 CPU - Nehalem 8Ghz burstable CPU speed

    kilo VPS - only $37/month
    1024MB – guaranteed DDR3 RAM
    2048MB - swap memory
    60GB – enterprise RAID-10 storage
    600GB – premium bandwidth on 1000Mbit port
    6 CPU - Nehalem 12Ghz burstable CPU speed

    mega VPS - only $51/month
    1536MB – guaranteed DDR3 RAM
    2048MB - swap memory
    80GB – enterprise RAID-10 storage
    800GB – premium bandwidth on 1000Mbit port
    6 CPU - Nehalem 12Ghz burstable CPU speed

    giga VPS - only $63/month
    2048MB – guaranteed DDR3 RAM
    2048MB - swap memory
    100GB – enterprise RAID-10 storage
    1000GB – premium bandwidth on 1000Mbit port
    8 CPU - Nehalem 16Ghz burstable CPU speed

    Review and order today! Apply the coupon: MAKEMYDAY when you checkout to obtain these red-hot deals!

    custom plan?!, email us your requirements!

    Control panels are available!
    cPanel/WHM - $12/month
    + Fantastico - $3/month
    DirectAdmin - $5/month

    Daily off-site incremental backups available!


    What do our happy clients think?

    "Managing a VPS was new to me so it was important that I find a managed service provider. After talking to 6sync I was sold and signed up right away. Ever since, my experience with 6sync has been stellar!"

    "Ever since day one, I knew 6sync would be different. Their support, reliability and value is legendary, and they surpass the 'normal' competition. You won't be disappointed!"

    "It has been a true pleasure to come over to your services."

    "I have had no issues at all, and the entire support team has gone well above and beyond to help me make sure all is good."


    Q&A time..

    Network this, network that, give me an IP and speed test file!
    Sure, for CHICAGO ping Speed test:

    Xen huh? What about 4096MB of burstable RAM??@#!
    No we don’t play that game. The RAM you get is yours and yours only. Our system do not provide ‘burst’ memory, instead you get a *swap file* set to an appropriate level. And again, you OWN the swap memory and we monitor memory & swap usage to ensure good performance.

    Am I restricted to a particular kernel?
    Nope! Each VPS has its own kernel and if you are feeling brave you are most welcome to tinker with it. And if anything breaks we can reload you back to a working state.

    What will you help me with?
    All our plans come with our standard-level of management and support included. We operate a 24/7 helpdesk and will take care of your hardware, network, operating system and standard software issues. We can help with 3rd party scripts on a case-by-case basis. We encourage and provide Control Panels which we feel makes it dead easy to perform your own server management and empower you with greater control.

    I need more IPs!
    Each plan comes with 1 IP. If you can justify them you can have them. We charge $1/month for each extra IP.

    Can I run IRC, public proxy servers, warez,...?
    Sorry no!

    Can I use your services for emailing?
    We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on SPAM or unsolicited email. But you are welcome to send legitimate and solicited mail from your server.

    How about adult content?
    If it’s legal, and you own the licenses for it.. yes!

    How is the CPU and resources allocated?
    We believe that those who pay for more RAM should be entitled to proportinally more processing power. So we prioritise CPU and resources for higher configurations in this way. However if there is available capacity we allow 'fair share' use of it which works well in practice.

    Can I easily manage my VPS and reboot it remotely?
    For sure! We provide Heartbeat a web-based management interface developed in-house. This system allows you to check your VPS' status, reboot it, and soon bandwidth monitoring and O/S reloads.


    Performance, guaranteed.. here's a sample

    score from one of our systems
    PHP Code:
    TEST                                        BASELINE     RESULT      INDEX 

    Dhrystone 2 using register variables        376783.7 27343264.3      725.7 
    -Precision Whetstone                      83.1     1491.5      179.5 
    Execl Throughput                               188.3     9825.2      521.8 
    File Copy 1024 bufsize 2000 maxblocks         2672.0   472033.0     1766.6 
    File Copy 256 bufsize 500 maxblocks           1077.0   130751.0     1214.0 
    File Read 4096 bufsize 8000 maxblocks        15382.0  3209732.0     2086.7 
    Pipe Throughput                             111814.6  3722810.7      332.9 
    -based Context Switching                 15448.6   544283.2      352.3 
    Process Creation                               569.3    20014.0      351.6 
    Shell Scripts 
    (8 concurrent)                    44.8     3425.0      764.5 
    System Call Overhead                        114433.5  2909385.0      254.2 
    SCORE                                                     578.7 
    Can you really get gigabit speed? It depends on a number of factors but you sure can:
    PHP Code:
    Connecting to cds001||:80... connected
    HTTP request sentawaiting response... 200 OK 
    268,435,456 (256M) [application/octet-stream

    44% [=========================>                                 ] 119,944,944   95.34M/
    You definitely know that you are going to get phenomenal network performance, around the world! We're not going to force your server to sip internet through a drinking straw!

    Can you find a higher-performing Xen VPS solution? And relax, we've got it managed!

    Review and order today! Apply the discount coupon MAKEMYDAY when you checkout!


    Can I trust you guys?
    How does our 1-hour Service Level Agreement and 14-day money-back guarantee sound? We are serious about our operations and if you are not satisfied with our products or service we will gladly provide you a refund. The 6sync brand is owned by Life On Mars Ltd, a registered company in New Zealand where our office is based.

    For further inquiries feel free to contact sales: [email protected] or explore our website
    Exceptional VPS Hosting. With love, 6sync.

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    Just got the Kilo package from 6Sync because my previous VPS network was a little slow (It had the same specs as the kilo package).

    Not only was my site faster

    Rav helped me transfer my site guided me thru the DNS, restore and fixed a bunch of issues for my site.


    Thanks Rav

    I will post a full review after some time.

    I'll post a

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    any los angels vps avaible ?
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    When will proactive monitoring be available? Cost?

    BTW - nice website.

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