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    Could you please give me your feedback on this site:

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    Hi shiferaw,
    I think your site is off to a good start. Couple suggestions:

    1. The font used in the upper right hand corner is a little tough to read. While it looks ok at a larger size on your main page, it's tougher to read when it's reduced in size.

    2. Take the words "literary works and essays" from the main page and align them with the rest of the text. They look a little out of place..

    Your menu system is easy to follow and I love that. Makes it a breeze to surf thru your site and get where I want to go.

    Good luck to you.

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    Thank you JSpired!

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    You have too much yellow "white" space . I think you could get a better logo and more filler content.
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    The site is nice and simple and I agree that there is too much yellow blank space especially for high resolution users. The navigation that moves down as you scroll is pretty nice although not entirely nessesary (I'm not saying get rid of it)

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