Unique Enterprise Cluster Hosting

Serious businesses demand serious technology. At eMediaSales, we believe in making enterprise class solutions available at reasonable prices. Serious online merchants choose eMediaSales.

Choose a Cluster Hosting PlanOur unique cluster hosting architecture was designed to provide fault tolerance so both our clients and our staff can sleep well at night, knowing our sites are running smoothly. Portions of our cluster architecture were custom coded in house - so we can guarantee that there is nothing like it on the planet. And now for something completely different...

eMediaSales is excited to announce itís unique Enterprise Cluster Hosting.
Cluster Hosting Featuring:

  • Cluster Scaling:
    Getting featured on Oprah and donít have a dedicated server? Sleep well. At eMediaSales, your website runs on every node in the cluster, and automatically load balances and scales to many times the capacity of a single dedicated server.
  • Dedicated Server-to-Cluster Fail Over:
    Hard drive failure? Sleep well. Sites hosted on dedicated nodes in our cluster are simultaneously available across the entire cluster. Our intelligent load balancing routers will recognize this immediately and automatically allocate your load across all shared nodes in the cluster.
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware and Data Center:
    Sleep well. We have invested thousands of dollars in enterprise grade technology, from EMC Fibre Channel storage arrays to data center grade server platforms. Our redundant data center connections feed from 7 different national carriers, and provides N+1 reliability on everything from network switches to cooling.

Cluster hosting accounts starting from $29.99/month! Order your Shared and Dedicated Node Cluster Hosting