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    Wordpress header issues with IE6

    I strongly dislike Internet Explorer, but I acknowledge that many, many people use it... so my site has to work with it.

    When I visited my site I notice the header drops a few pixels, but I don't have this problem in Firefox or Safari or any other browser I've tried except for IE..

    How should I fix this?

    The people who built the template for me apparently never got it right.. their name is still at the bottom of the template for now if you're curious..

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    Have you resolved this? It looks fine in IE6 to me..

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    I am using IE7 and it still have problem.

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    There are several errors in your html:

    I honestly don't know if it will fix it or not, but it's worth a shot. Browsers all handle errors a little differently, and that could be part of the issue.


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