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    * Paying Axishost


    Does anyone know how I can Pay Axishost.
    My Reseller Account went off today. I didn't get any notification and this happened last year. I must find out how to stop this each year. I used Paypal last year and when trying again this year, I was told, by attempting to pay, that they no longer use Paypal and that it should be done on the site.

    I got on to the site and couldn't find it anywhere, not even on "MY ACCOUNT". I managed to email them with another account I have on a different host with the email [email protected]. I got a reply that it had been passed to Billing, whom I also already emailed. Now I can't even get on to the site, as somehow I think my Cookie has gone or been replaced with a Password I can't find.

    I can't get a reminder as it will go to an email I can't use.

    I'm kind of stuck. Can anyone advise or give me a Phone Number as I could call them. I'm in the UK, so the right code would be useful. Tina and her crew have been great over the years and I've no complaints, so I'd like to just get this renewed and set to debit annually so I can get an invoice.


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    Tina is a member here, try sending a PM to her, AH-Tina is the user name.
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    Thanks, I'll try that.

    I've attached the proof as well.!
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    Go to their control panel
    Log in
    Click "View Invoices"
    Pay Invoice

    Hard? not so much. What you're seeing in paypal is that they don't accept "paypal website" payments, not that they don't accept payments! Pay through their billing interface, not paypal.

    If you have problems, as others have suggested, contact Tina, she's always willing to help resolve things
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    Thanks, but I can't login. The password is not what I thought, and I can't ask for it to be sent, as the Email is down.
    Please also note, that there isn't an Option for Control Panel. Only MY ACCOUNT, and that holds nothing to help in this situation.

    I have PM'd her though.
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    I can't get a reminder as it will go to an email I can't use.
    Better change that email there to one that is off their network, so that you can be reached regardless of your website's status.

    Good luck getting everything sorted!

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    Yeah, we don't accept payments sent directly to us. You have to go through the billing system, so that you're account is properly credited. If you can't log into the billing system - ask one of our guys to reset your password. Tell them I authorized it.

    I'd do it, but I'm not 100% sure which account this is for.

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    Thanks..thats all done now..but Waiting on a response as to how it was a monthly bill, when my account is flagged a billing cycle of Annually. I just want to get the difference sorted now. The account was

    Just waiting patiently now for that, and for the Account to come back online and I set off to get some work done before I go on holiday for the weekend. I'm shattered already from this weeks work, so I'll need to pop a pill soon or something to keep me going! :-)

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    I see Tina got you squared away. Billing issues often take longer than support issues at many hosts as billing departments often don't work 24/7.
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