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    GIGENET | Amazing rates for the Nehalem Servers | Starting at $199/mo

    Amazing deals on the Intel Nehalem Series Servers!

    Enjoy 8 CPU processing cores with the Xeon 5520 server, and scale to 16 CPU processing cores with a second processor.

    Intel Quad Core Xeon 5520 - 2.26GHz (Nehalem) - 8MB Cache w/HT
    6 GB DDR3 RAM
    2 x 1TB Hard Drives
    Hardware RAID 1
    10,000 GB Bandwidth on 100Mbps Public Uplink

    No Setup
    $339/mo (paid monthly)
    $299/mo (paid quarterly)

    Order Now!


    Experience the bang for less buck with the affordable Xeon 5504 server.

    Intel Quad Core Xeon 5504 - 2.00GHz (Nehalem) - 4MB Cache
    6 GB DDR3 RAM
    2 x 1TB Hard Drives
    6,000 GB Bandwidth on 100Mbps Public Uplink

    No Setup
    $249/mo (paid monthly)
    $199/mo (paid quarterly)

    Order Now!


    Go to the next level of multi-core performance with the Intel Core i7 920 server.

    Intel Quad Core i7 920 - 2.66GHz (Nehalem) - 8MB Cache
    6 GB DDR3 RAM
    2 x 1TB Hard Drive
    6,000 GB Bandwidth on 100Mbps Public Uplink

    No Setup
    $249/mo (paid monthly)
    $199/mo (paid quarterly)

    Order Now!


    Hard Drive Upgrades
    • 80GB Intel Solid State Drive (Recommended by our experts!)
    • 250GB SATAII 7,200 Hard Drive
    • 500GB SATAII 7,200 Hard Drive
    • 750GB SATAII 7,200 Hard Drive
    • 1TB SATAII 7,200 Hard Drive
    • 1.5TB SATAII 7,200 Hard Drive
    • 74GB Western Digital Raptor SATA 10,000 RPM
    • 150GB Western Digital Raptor SATA 10,000 RPM
    • 300GB Western Digital Raptor SATA 10,000 RPM
    • 73GB SA-SCSI (SAS) 15,000 RPM
    • 147GB SA-SCSI (SAS) 15,000 RPM
    • 300GB SA-SCSI (SAS) 15,000 RPM

    Back-up Solutions

    Network Port Speed
    • 100 Mb/s Public + 1000 Mb/s Private Network Ports
    • 1000 Mb/s Public + 1000 Mb/s Private Network Ports

    Operating Systems
    • CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Ubuntu
    • Windows Server 2003 & 2008

    Control Panels
    • cPanel & Parallels Plesk

    All Server Upgrades


    GigeNET Managed Hosting
    • GigeNET managed dedicated hosting provides you with more than just a dedicated server. Instead, our focus is on your entire dedicated IT infrastructure. You receive a dedicated support & engineering team, combined with a fully redundant Juniper & Cisco network, a world class datacenter, and industry leading network, hardware, infrastructure, and support Service Level Agreements.

    100% Uptime SLA Network - Internap FCP Optimized
    • Our network at GigeNET has been designed from the bottom to the top for absolute performance and reliability. We took no shortcuts and spent several months building what is one of the highest performing networks in the US.

    Network Equipment
    • Juniper MX480's for Edge Routers
    • 6509's for Core Routers
    • 6513's for Distribution / Customer Access switch
    • InterNAP FCP 10GX (Intelligent Route optimizer)
    • Connectivity to two separate carrier hotels using diverse fiber paths with protected fiber rings

    Connectivity to following carriers:
    • AboveNet
    • Comcast Peering
    • GlobalCrossing
    • NEW! Internap
    • Level3
    • PCCW
    • Private Peering
    • TeliaSonera

    Traditional networks are managed using BGP, a protocol that attempts to improve network performance by measuring the distance (number of hops) between the end user and the server they are accessing. The shortest distance between two points is not always the fastest. Utilizing Internap's FCP-10Gx routing optimization appliance, every path out from our network is continuously monitored for latency, packet loss, route stability, and congestion. This method of routing optimization ensures maximum network performance, giving you up to 50% faster network speeds over BGP.

    With the large selection of carriers touching all parts of the world from North America, Asia Pacific and Europe; and the combination of the Intelligent Routing; ping, jitter, and brownouts are minimal.

    Configure your server now or contact us:

    Dedicated Servers + Cloud Servers + Colocation + DDOS Protection + IP Transit with FCP optimized routing
    Locations in Chicago Los Angeles and Ashburn

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    Gigenet Rocks! (10 months strong with them, not one single problem)

    Ameen, when are you going to hook me up? Just kidding

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    you must be awesome, cuz esited praised you

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