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    MySql 5.1 on cPanel

    So last night I wanted to start making use of Partitioning in MySql and I quickly discovered that cPanel still does not support 5.1.

    I searched around and found that some people had forced the upgrade but there were some periodic reports of problems (like cPanel being confused and rolling MySql back to 4.1 during an upgrade).

    Has anyone had a good experience migrating to 5.1? Are there any other control panel packages that support 5.1 that you'd recommend?

    It's been well over a year since 5.1 was stable, so it's a little frustrating to still be locked into 5.0

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    I think that HC8(Hosting controller 8.0) supports Mysql 5.1 version on linux/windows.
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    I had upgraded MySql 5.1 on a cPanel server that I used to manage few months back, never had any problem, during regular or forced cPanel upgrade.

    Follow following steps for trouble free upgrade:

    File containing the MySQL version is /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

    Open it, find the variable mysql-version and edit the value to read mysql-version=5.1

    Once done, run

    Do remember to recompile Apache using easyapache to be compatible with the version of MySql.

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    I've been using MySQL version 5.0.81-community and cPanel for quite some time now without any issues. I used Easy Apache to upgrade my server including MySQL and then ran the updates through the cPanel updater. I never had an issue from it.

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