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    Exclamation [US] Amazing Critrix Xen Windows VPS offer!

    Host Our Web is currently running our annual Windows INSANE GIVE AWAY!
    Though we only offer these plans for 8 hours (or until sold out) 1 time a year, there features are guaranteed to stay for the life of your service with us. This is non oversold plans (in fact our technology does not allow it), that come with a 99% uptime guarantee. We sell a max of 5 of these (any combination, but limited to a total of 5). This is a first come first serve basis.

    No hidden costs, fees, contracts, or other surprises.

    Windows Blowout 1
    1. 100gb of data transfer
    2. 512MB of dedicated ram
    3. 1 ip address
    4. 60gb HD space
    5. Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 Datacenter

    $35 a month
    Signup here

    Windows Blowout 2
    1. 120gb of data transfer
    2. 1.5GB of dedicated ram
    3. 1 ip address
    4. 80gb HD space

    $48 a month
    Signup here

    All Vps servers come with the following.
    • Xen Control panel
    • Network Usage graphs.
    • DDoS protection.
    • 24 hour toll free hotline.
    • Non OVER SOLD nodes.
    • 99% network and server uptime guarantee
    • Direct console access to your VPS (via web page).
    • Ability to reboot , shutdown, or pause the VM.
    • Hosted on Critrix Xen Server Os.

    Upgrade Options are as follows
    • Extra Hard drive space at $.25 per Gb (comes as an additional hard drive in MyComputer)
    • Extra Ip at $1.00 a month
    • Extra ram $5.00 per 128mb

    Supported Operating systems. 64 bit versions
    • Windows 2003 datacenter x64 edition
    • Windows 2008 datacenter x64 edition

    Xen Control panel features
    • Able to start vm from powered off state
    • Able to stop vm from powered on state
    • Able to restart from powered on state
    • Able to login via https to your Vms console Bandwidth free

    Test ip is

    All accounts will be activated within >1 hour after PayPal payment is complete. Our guarantee is that you will have your VM setup, and login instructions in your inbox within > 60 minutes of payment being completed. If we fail in this promise, we give you %50 of what you just paid us back, no questions asked! Come see why more and more customers are choosing Host Our Web for there VPS needs.

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    There is a mistake with this add in regards to the windows version.

    We offer windows 2003 x64 datacenter edition with service pack two OR windows 2007 x64 datacenter edition with service pack two.

    Thanks to those who pointed it out.

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    We have sold out of this offer.

    Please continue to look for upcomming Windows 2003 x64 offers.

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