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Thread: Fraud Checks

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    Fraud Checks

    I am interested in finding out how other web hosts do fraud checks. I used to look the users IP address up with a tool that would give their location (I know it is not 100% accurate) and also cross check info with their registered domain. I would like to know of any other successful methods.

    I just got my first order from Indonesia and am very apprehensive about it.


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    There are several really good threads here on that topic that you may want to check out. I block Indonesia, etc. via .htaccess.

    Regarding your Indonesia order I would ask them to fax you a copy of the front and back of the credit card as well as a photo id. If they are legit they will do it, if they aren't you've saved a charge back.

    Good luck,

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    We receive our fair share of fraudulent orders.

    - If you really want to be sure (and if the customer is located in the U.S.) give their contact number a call. This catches about 98% of our U.S. based fraud.

    - For the overseas customers, your best bet is to do a bank lookup to see if the bank on the credit card matches the geographical location they say they're in. Also, there are some sites on the net that allow you to do lookups on the overseas phone numbers your signups give you to see if they match the location they say they're in.

    - If you're ever unsure, the best thing to do is try to get a conversation going with the customer. I RARELY get a fraudulent customer who bother to write back via e-mail.

    Hope this helps!


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